Thursday, January 22, 2009

Max Payne -Directed by John Moore

This movie was hard to review, as since I'm such a huge fan of the game I'm always being constantly critical of the small details, such as characters. The only character that has been done in the same way as the game and the graphic novel is Max himself (which was a very good performance by Mark Wahlberg, considering as I know him mainly as that dude from The Happening).
Okay. The plot concerns a bunch of murders taking place, and Max ending up being looked at as responsible for them from shoddy evidence. He doesn't exactly help this because he acts guilty as hell to anybody besides his mentor BB Hensley (played by Beau Bridges).
After I got over the fact that the plot is nothing like the game at all I started to like it a little more. The movie was completely serious and lacked any type of comic relief, but that's alright in this case. It lacks any type of action for the first hour. I was a little bit disappointed when i found out that it was just one of those films that has a long stretch of talking with only one obstacle involved and little action.
Before you read on, I may have to say that the next part of my review contains spoilers.

Anyway, by the time Max finds out that the murders are related to the past killing of his wife and baby he comes to a conclusion that he just has to avenge them. Quite sad because after I saw the ending I realised that he didn't really avenge his family, because he didn't destroy the drug that is corrupting the streets of New York, and he didn't kill the C.E.O of the "ruthless corporation" that is mentioned in the blurb of the film.
I do have to say, the music in the film is very well done and it does create a very emotional mood at the end of the movie.

Overall I wouldn't say that this movie is bad, just disappointing for whoever is a fan of the game, as the plot in the game is amazing, with alot more drama and conspiracy. The plot of this film is watered down and when I thought about it hard I found that it was just lame. But for everybody who is not a fan of the game or graphic novel, this movie would be a good way to kill some time on a rainy day or see if you want to see a bit of on-screen violence and insane junkies.
I give this film a 5.5/10 because I'm so sick of anticipated films ending up having a lack of any x-factor or just plain amounts of action scenes or clever parts used to execute the plot. Very little tension was felt by me throughout the movie which was a bit of a disappointment (the credits were very overdone for a movie such as this though, as though it wanted to be a James Bond movie). I would love to say "A for effort, Mr. Moore" but I think this was just a chance for them to make money without coming up with their own ideas, because it's much easier to twist around somebody elses plot. Everyone knows that.

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